Decorations For Christmas Christmas Ideas Huggies Crismas Decoration
Decorations For Christmas Christmas Ideas Huggies Crismas Decoration

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You could serve a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings as your wedding breakfast and have a classic fruit Christmas cake as your wedding cake decorated with holly, evergreen or Christmas ornaments of your choice. Dont forget the mulled wine as your toasting drink!

It is likely that the venue will already be decorated for the festive season thus saving you time and money. Ask what decorations they will be using or if you can visit the year before prior to your own wedding to see how it has been set up. This will give you a good starting ground. Candles placed on mirrors are fabulous centre features or use large vases and fill them with colour coordinated Christmas decorations. Christmas crackers, mini stocking or baubles could be your table place settings. An ice sculpture would make a dramatic feature at the venue whilst holly bush trees, hung mistletoe or pots of poinsettias will help bring the outdoors inside. Of course you cant not have a Christmas tree decorated in your wedding theme colours, which your wedding gifts could be left under. An ideal wedding favour is a personalised bauble or candle with your names and wedding date inscribed on it. Alternatively mini chocolate Santas or filled little stockings would go down a treat. A Santas grotto may be worth considering if there are going to be a large number of children at your wedding. If there is an open fire at your venue do insist that it is started especially if it is in a separate area. This will give your guests somewhere to escape to and relax.

If you have always dreamed of having a winter wedding then why not think about having a Christmas themed spectacular. By opting to have Christmas as your theme you instantly have your colour scheme and a vast of majority of the decorations for your venue sorted which in turn assists with the whole planning and preparation.

A horse-drawn sleigh or carriage, or a tinsel decorated car with Father Christmas as your driver could transport you to your venue and at the end of the ceremony when you exit as newlyweds why not have your guests ring miniature bells rather than shower you with confetti. If youre having a church wedding then you could also have the bells in the tower playing. Christmas carols can be played whilst the guests wait for your arrival and during intervals or why not sing them together during the service. Then theres the first dance song, so many Christmas chart tunes from over the years to choose from!

Traditionally reds and greens are the colour palette for Christmas, however wintery pastels of pale pinks and icy blues with silver, or golds and browns and rich colours such as purples, burgundies and navy can all look equally striking and fit in with the season in which you are getting married. To create a picturesque winter wonderland scene then white and silver will help create a beautiful setting.

Crismas Decoration Gallery
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