Outdoor Merry Christmas Sign Outdoor Merry Christmas Lighted Sign Uk Led Christmas Sign
Outdoor Merry Christmas Sign Outdoor Merry Christmas Lighted Sign Uk Led Christmas Sign

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Your groom could wear an extravagant Christmas waistcoat or tie and have a poinsettia or a piece of mistletoe as his buttonhole, whilst your bridesmaids could be in white dresses with coordinating sashes with matching accessories to yours. They could decorate the aisle with fake snow or glitter snowflakes or stars and carry candles rather than a posy.

It is likely that the venue will already be decorated for the festive season thus saving you time and money. Ask what decorations they will be using or if you can visit the year before prior to your own wedding to see how it has been set up. This will give you a good starting ground. Candles placed on mirrors are fabulous centre features or use large vases and fill them with colour coordinated Christmas decorations. Christmas crackers, mini stocking or baubles could be your table place settings. An ice sculpture would make a dramatic feature at the venue whilst holly bush trees, hung mistletoe or pots of poinsettias will help bring the outdoors inside. Of course you cant not have a Christmas tree decorated in your wedding theme colours, which your wedding gifts could be left under. An ideal wedding favour is a personalised bauble or candle with your names and wedding date inscribed on it. Alternatively mini chocolate Santas or filled little stockings would go down a treat. A Santas grotto may be worth considering if there are going to be a large number of children at your wedding. If there is an open fire at your venue do insist that it is started especially if it is in a separate area. This will give your guests somewhere to escape to and relax.

If you have always dreamed of having a winter wedding then why not think about having a Christmas themed spectacular. By opting to have Christmas as your theme you instantly have your colour scheme and a vast of majority of the decorations for your venue sorted which in turn assists with the whole planning and preparation.

Venues for this time of year will get booked up quickly, so plan well in advance to guarantee you secure your perfect venue for where you wish your wedding to take place. Save the date cards are a good idea with this time of year being busy for family and friends. By using blank Christmas cards you could easily make these and your invitations yourself.

Traditionally reds and greens are the colour palette for Christmas, however wintery pastels of pale pinks and icy blues with silver, or golds and browns and rich colours such as purples, burgundies and navy can all look equally striking and fit in with the season in which you are getting married. To create a picturesque winter wonderland scene then white and silver will help create a beautiful setting.

Led Christmas Sign Gallery
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Hi guys, in this blog I’m going to show you how to make this fabulous Christmas tree led sign. The materials that I’ve used are: An A4 sized sheet of acrylic. This is 3mm thick, which is about one eighth of an inch.

A 12 volt led strip light tape. You can buy these in various lengths and they consist of a flexible PCB with self adhesive tape on the back. The tape consists of multiple sections each containing three leds and a resistor. You can cut the tape to length at the marked points and solder on some connecting wires or buy them already cut to length with the wires attached. I have also used some self adhesive foil tape and finally three pieces of square planed wood. The design for the Christmas tree came from a children’s stencil book but if you search online there’s lots available. To engrave the design on the acrylic sheet I used a cheap Dremel engraver tool. You can use a rotary tool but the engraver is much easier to use. The base is quite simple, it consists of three pieces of wood glued together to form a slot, with the LED strip in the center. So first of all cut the three pieces of wood to the same width as the acrylic sheet. which is 210mm. Next I used a router to remove the edge from the two side pieces. The reason for doing so is that the LED tape is wider than the acrylic sheet and this allows for some clearance but if you don’t have a router, just sand the edges away. To improve the finish I sanded the wood with 240 grit sandpaper. Then I applied wood glue to the base of one of the side pieces, stuck it onto the base and clamped it into place using a second piece of wood for stability. Wiped away the excess glue and left it to dry. Once it was dry I taped some foil tape to the wood, to help reflect light in the base and again on the other side. I removed the backing from the LED tape and stuck it in place on the base. And then using the acrylic sheet as a spacer I glued the other side to the base, using clamps to hold it firmly in place while it dries. Once it was dry I removed the acrylic sheet and gave it a clear coat of varnish. Once the varnish was dried I soldered on a 9 volt battery connector to the LED strip lead. The LED strips work from 9 volts to 12 volts and they are much brighter at 12 volts so you may wish to use a 12 volt power supply instead To insulate the connections I have used some heat-shrink tubing. And finally a quick test to make sure everything’s working. So that’s the base completed and now we’re going to move onto engraving the acrylic sheet I’ve used a children stencil for the design, because it’s in book form I have decided to trace directly onto paper, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use the stencil to engrave directly onto the acrylic sheet. One thing to be aware of is that the image is flipped. We’re actually engraving onto the reverse side of the acrylic sheet. So the next step is to tape the design to the protective covering on the back of the acrylic sheet. To stop the acrylic sheet moving around while I’m working on it I am using this non-slip mat and i’m also going to tape an LED light strip to the base of the sheet to highlight the engraving. If you don’t have an additional light strip then you can just use the base you’ve already made. Now we’re ready for engraving. So I have set my engraving tool to setting 2 and the approach that I’ve used is to start from the top and peel back the protective layer from the acrylic sheet and work downwards. The LED light highlights where your engraving making it much easier. For the rest of the engraving I’ve sped the film up to 16 times. Once the engraving was finished, I removed the protective film from the acrylic sheet and then inserted the engraved acrylic sheet into the base. So that’s it finished! I’m really happy with it! It’s quite difficult to capture on camera but it looks great in real life. So please don’t forget to Like, comment and bookmark. My next project is going to be along the same lines but with a Star Wars theme so read out for that. Thanks for reading.



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