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>> Hi giugizers and welcome back my Christmas serie keeps going, we reached the 6th instalmemnt we’re almost at the end of the first week and I really hope you liked the projects I shared until now but let’s get to today’s website I love decorating my house for Christmas that’s why every year I look for new ideas to add some new DIY little things This year I thought I’d make a fur letters decor like this one You can choose the word you prefer, I went for a short one to make the project easier but you can chose whatever you like, moreover by changing the fur color you could use this project as a DIY gift for example you could spell the name of the person you wish to gift it and it would turn into a cute gift idea, perfect for the kids room too. If you like this idea too keep reading my tutorial and here is what you’ll need for this project some white fake fur, some hot glue, some wooden or cardstock letters, a pen, and scissors Let’s start with the fake fur that you can buy in craftstores or online got mine on Amazon Let’s lay it on the worktop and using a pen let’s trace the outline of the first letter, like so. Then let’s cut out the shape.

Perfect, now let’s trace the other side of the letter too and let’s cut it out We’ll need these cut outs to cover the letters Now let’s hot glue the fur on one side of the wooden letter Let’s trim off the exceeding fur and let’s cover the other side too and let’s trim off the exceeding bits once again. To cover the side let’s cut a stripe of fur in the right width and let’s hot glue it on the letter Et voilĂ , the first letter is done now we just need to do the same on all the other letters making sure we trace both sides of every letter Brilliant, now we just need to glue the letters together to spell the choosen word that’s it! Here is the furry decor ready to add a special chrismassy touch in our houses I remind you that on my blog you’ll find more pictures of the finished project together with the supplies list with links to buy them online in case you couldn’t find them in the stores near you and the link to my blogpost is in the downbar as usual If you liked this website please give it a thumbs up so that I’ll know share it, talk about it with your friends, favourite it and if you haven’t yet bookmark in order not to miss any of the other Christmas themed projects. That’s it for today, I send you a big kiss and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new 21 days Christmas website, ciao!.


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Hey it’s Abby and I realized that Christmas just ended but I already want to start talking about decorating for next year. I know that sounds a little crazy but here’s what I mean. The more organized I am about putting my Christmas decorations away and storing them neatly the easier it will be next year when I go to get all of them out and want to decorate my house again.

So I try to be really intentional about getting organized now and I will thank myself later. So today I’m excited to talk about organizing our Christmas storage bins but before I get started make sure you share so you don’t miss any organization inspiration and head to abbyorganizes. com/bonus to get our free bonus for our newsletter sharers. Step 1 Gather all of the holiday decor in one spot. I like to start by collecting all of my Christmas stuff from around the house and putting it in one spot. I empty all of my bins so I can easily see everything that I have. I always think it’s nice to start with a blank slate. It’s easier to see what I’m working with, nothing gets missed, and I can easily evaluate which storage bins will work best for certain items. The downside is that my house looks like a bomb went off. Step Two. Declutter. I get rid of everything I haven’t used or don’t love. I love this part. After everything has been set out, I start weeding out the things that are broken, have missing pieces, are out-of-date or haven’t been used in a while and I either throw those things away or I put them in donate or sell piles. It’s a waste of space to store things that I’m never going to use again. Step 3. Sort items by type. Once all of my junk is out of the way, I arrange everything I have left into groups putting the like items together. This time I’m doing my Christmas bins so I put all my ornaments in one section of the room, all the nativity sets in another spot, all the stockings in a separate pile, all the greenery in a different pile, all the ribbon, etc. Step 4. Match items with appropriate bins. Once my items are grouped by type it’s easy to tell what size bin I will need for each one. I have all of my outdoor decor together in two bins, my mini trees are all together in one bin, all of my pillows are together in one bin, etc. Ornaments I sort the shatter-resistant ornaments by color and put all of the metallic ornaments in one tub, all of the red ornaments in another tub. Just make sure you only do this with the plastic ones. Glass ones will break if you try to store them this way. For my really fragile glass ornaments, I have little divided bins so each ornament can have its own slot. These bins are great but they can get pricey so I only use them for my really nice, really fragile ornaments. I just use shoeboxes to store our family ornaments within a larger bin. This lets me keep ornaments separated by type and it’s free. Step 5. Label. As I’m putting everything in the bins, I have my cute labels all printed out so I can make notes about what is in each bin. You can download these printable labels for free over on my blog and I will leave the link for them in the description below. When I’m writing down the bin’s contents, I try to be as detailed as possible so I can easily find everything next year. Once I have everything written down, I run the sheet through my laminator to make it a little more sturdy, cut out the labels, and adhere them to my bins with packing tape. So now that everything is neat and organized and ready to go back into storage, I will be thanking myself next year because it will be so easy to find exactly what I need and all the bins are labeled so when I take the items out again to decorate, I’ll know exactly where to put them back. Do you have any tips for keeping the storage bins neat and organized? I would love to hear them in the comments below!.