The Christmas Decorations Ideas
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Wow oh my gosh, she’s falling apart, whoa cool Ah Good day everyone and welcome to today’s website where it is another vlogity vlog vlog And I’m just wearing a hat my hair a mess behind this. I’m not wearing any makeup You’re seeing the real true, Joey. I also got these new pants online I don’t know what site, but they’re super skinny, and I feel very much like a skinny legend today So I’m gonna take you guys along on my adventure today We’re starting out location scouting for a project that I can’t speak of hello, sir.

It’s my little foxy Cleopatra You look like a snow fox don’t you sometimes? yes. And who’s this is that my Larkisha Jackson Jones the third it can’t be Oh uh-huh you guys can’t come with me. I’m sorry. Oh yes, kiss your brother. That’s nice wolfie’s always under there, but anyways Gonna head to do some location scouting. I think I’m definitely doing one location the other one I’m not sure about It’s been a little stressful because the one that we really want is a little outside the budget And I’m not gonna tell you guys what the project is but you’ll just have to wait It’s a little outside the budget, so we’re kind of having to scale back as another potential option. So that’s what we’re doing today Fingers crossed because we’re running behind on time so hopefully we find our location now, this kills me every time this comes on my playlist . Well it’s on a channel but Lana looking good. Oh my god it kills me. . . so I’ve never really showed my car off before because I Don’t know I’ve always felt it very weird to be like “oh, look what I have. ” but I am very proud and happy of My having of my dream car that I’ve always wanted um, so if you guys want like me to do a tour Or I don’t know something where I show you guys what my car is, let me know in the comments I don’t know sometimes I feel weird about that kind of stuff, but I feel like it’s been also a new trend maybe I’ve been on YouTube way Too long and it used to be cool to be humble but now it’s like the more you brag the cooler you are and I’ve just never been like that in real life either, so i don’t know. . . if you guys want me to show you Oh, oh! I gotta get off the exit. I’ll see you guys at the house. but yeah, let me know if you want a car tour! hehe Oh no wolfie, what happened to you?! My gosh honestly, I feel like I’m so attached to Wolfie that I might have to turn him into a Taxidermy thing he was a majestic being I’m sure of it, so yeah, I’m doing a little location scouting I’m not gonna show you much of What I’m seeing just in case But it’s interesting okay, so on my way home I decided I am going to make a little pit stop at the Crystal shop because I haven’t gone crystal shopping and so long actually So I figured why the heck not go and stop by and Make myself make myself feel real good And buy myself some really pretty crystals So I’m gonna head in I’ll take you guys with me of course because this is a blogging day So you’re coming with me everywhere I go How fun it’s like the old Joey’s back. He’s no longer dead there. She is the but still unicorn purse ow? Let’s go inside this is so aesthetically pleasing guys oh The rainbow rhythmic mess it’s all color-coded. Oh my god. I’m dead I’m dead I’m shaking I’m shaking and I’m dead So this Is what I have so far Obviously only the prettiest crystals can do on my little cart So yeah, I’m just finding some really really pretty finds here Some stuff that I have some stuff. I don’t have but I’m absolutely obviously obsessed with the aura quartz in any form I Just I’m so attracted them. I have to get like every single one that I see I’m addicted oh so pretty and these are absolutely everything oh my goodness trigger warning everyone this is just Do I do it for you I do without doing not do it I’ve never been so triggered before in my life Well thank you spellbound sky, or providing me with crystal spa So I got a bunch of really pretty stuff. I will do a haul once I get home Okay, so I’m back home now, and I just got a phone call That there’s another location that I need to go check out, so I’m gonna go head there But I want to show you a little glimpse At one of the crystals that I got because she is a little Beautiful for spacious guys oh My goodness. I’m so excited about her look at this Oh My Damn Gorgey on yes, it’s so frickin pretty. It just like it’s so Fresh, and I don’t know it just makes me feel so happy and peaceful, and I’m obsessed with this it’s going probably right next to my bed because it just feels so serene and So this location number two it’s real real crazy look at this Suddenly we’re in a different world This is cool Like So many things so many new Christmas things that are here a lot of stuff from last year But some new stuff for this year including is gigantic Box a zoid that has our Christmas tree inside of it. I’m very excited I’m going to unbox it we or a fake tree online this year. Just because the past couple years our trees have died Like after two weeks because they just dry up really quick. It’s because they weren’t fresh-cut oh Okay, so whenever you get a live Christmas tree tell the man who’s selling to you say sir, hi sir cutter trim your web like a fresh cut I Would like okay, so shall we unbox this she’s been so annoying And I kept saying no because it’s been here for like one day It’s been here a day And he wants unblocked if I ever get a package in the mail he always opens it before I get a chance That’s not true. Yeah Today for website of that because it’s it’s there and you know our friend abused me But it sits there for multiple days, and then when he unboxes it He’ll just take it and throw and throw the box on in the kitchen a maps. Yeah. I hate that am essica Simpson Okay, let’s unbox it yeah Why do you get to unbox it? Oh my god stay away from he murder 165 pounds you didn’t cut no no no no No Yes lark Lark Isha, oh, that’s how much I weigh, Oh Oh, wow, oh the dogs are sugar Wow There’s people in here. Don’t cut the oh you can cut the red cords, I think Ribbon oh This box is gonna. That’s because it’s in two parts. Sissie. Yes. There’s a top and a bottom Bottom Okay here we go this is the only time you’ll see Joey doing manual labor What’d you call me This is supposed to be helpful for older people Yes It’s actually a woman side Yes wait wait open it away from the couch sis away from the couch.

Oh My god Wow it’s an upside down is it upside down That doesn’t look like a tree He’s a tree. This is a messy It Joey but feel it It feels real hold on look at the needles. It’s very psychedelic. It’s very real Wow Okay, we’ll get back to you in a second, okay, so we think the tree is upside down and needs to be flipped Oh, okay, try it Oh my gosh Wow looks like you’re so strong. I don’t know I mean Well if we hear snap we know it was wrong. What’s that head? Wow oh my gosh, she’s pulling apart cool, she’s wide Mark do you like it storm? I need a fluffer fluffer on EMS Okay, and then we put the other ones on top. Oh me. Oh my okay cool fun Okay, so we have the third part that we’re supposed to put in and yeah It has these little electrical outlets that attach all the lace through the stump Don’t be too rough with her she’s traveled a long way from Canada This was your idea Okay, okay, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. You’re doing it wrong. It’s not pretty oh Wow look at that. She’s tall she’s thin It looks real. I think it looks real, yeah Okay, let’s try it I’m gonna fluff it and then we’re gonna work on it, okay See you guys in a minute Oh, okay So the tree is now up and ready and Daniel has also done some crazy Decorating and I’m gonna shoot just the front room Because he’s going crazy with the rest of the house right now, and I will do a whole website on like our decorations for Christmas if you guys want a solo website for that let me know in the comments and also give this website a thumbs up if you want like a Christmas house tour thing So let’s take a look at what this Christmas tree it looks like oh and ready Wowser it’s so crazy. I don’t even know if it’s really focusing right now, but it’s freaking gorgeous I’ll show you guys up close. It’s so crazy How real this looks like if I saw this walking into someone tells me be like wow that’s a real tree even up close it looks like that but Some of the other decorations. He’s gone on too is the mantle so He’s been going crazy with this front room. It’s just so detailed. It’s so freakin pretty He’s so damn talented. I don’t understand and I tell him all the time he needs to like do this for people like He’s so talented that this is so crazy I never met anyone who can do that aside from Martha Tim Stewart, but we’re gonna decorate the actual tree. Oh someone’s here Are gonna decorate the tree this frickin camera doesn’t focus anymore? Yeah, we’re gonna decorate the tree. I think the next couple days, but you guys will see but anyways I’m gonna go into the door. I love you up. I’ll see you all tomorrow Please give this website a thumbs up if you enjoyed it it really helps up my vlogs, and yeah, that’s it I love you see y’all tomorrow. I’ve already said this bye.